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2017.06.12 EasyEstimation Ver.2.0.0 released
Major Version Up!
- EasyEstGRM and EasyNominal were integrated to EasyEstimation.
- Support to the high-resolution display.

2022.03.16 EasyEstimation Ver.2.1.7 released

What's EasyEstimation ?

EasyEstimation is the program for analysis of Item Response Theory.
  • EasyEstimation (for Item Response Theory)
  • EasyDIF (for analysis of Differential Item Functioning:DIF)


  • All programs are FREE software ( But Academic Use only !)
  • Easy usage, Graphical User Interface
  • The results of these programs are very similar to another software (BILOG-MG, MULTILOG, PARSCALE)

EasyEstimation Ver.2.1.7

  • Scree plot from polychoric correlation matrix.
    (for checking unidimensionality)
  • Estimating item parameters.
    (1-, 2- ,3- parameter logistic model, Graded Response Model, Nominal Model)
  • Multiple group model in estimateing item parameters.
  • Item fixed calculation in estimateing item parameters.
  • Estimating examinees parameters.
    (MLE, MAP, EAP, and, estimate population)
  • Item fit index.
  • Calculation of plausible values.
  • Graph of Item Characteristic Curve and Test Information Curve.

EasyDIF Ver.1.1.0

  • "Index K" is used for measuring effectiveness of DIF.
    "Index K" is original method by Ryuichi Kumagai.
  • Comparison of two or more populations.
  • Polytomous Data.

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